During 10:30 am Sunday Worship

Our congregation is quite diverse.  We embrace a variety of people who make up the tapestry that is Martin Grove United Church.  Our people come from many different backgrounds: ethnic, cultural, economic, and theological.

When you come to our worship services, you will find people who are "well dressed" as well as people in blue jeans.  

 Come as you are - in every sense you can think of!

During the week

We have a variety of group activities during the week.  Most of these are smaller, more intimate groups, so it's hard to say exactly what to expect.  However, you CAN expect to feel welcomed and valued.

find yourself

At Martin Grove United Church, what you find will depend somewhat on what you bring in the door yourself.  We embrace the gift of "the other".  And when we all do that, we create community.

Come and create community with us!

See you soon.